Top 10 washi tape crafts of 2014

Do you love washi tape? Then you'll love this collection of 10 of the top washi tape crafts for 2014. Beginners can get inspiration here!

It's been another great year of washi tape crafts! Washi tape truly is one of the most amazing craft supplies on the planet - and if you are here, you might already know that. I love doing a summary post at the end of the year to see what projects … [Continue reading...]

Washi tape DIY holiday candlestick

There is something about white candlesticks that screams holiday to me! So I remade a simple DIY holiday candle holder with washi to match my festive decor.

If you’re new to the site, follow us on Facebook right here. Thanks for visiting!Can you believe Christmas is only about 10 days away? Can you also believe that I’m still finding a little bit of (like barely) time to decorate more? I hardly ever use candle holders. When you’re a mama, you tend to […]

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Make a Christmas card with washi tape

If you have some plain paper and washi tape in your stash, make a Christmas card - it's so easy and only takes a few minutes!

Since I work with paper every day, it’s no surprise that I love making my own cards. It’s hard to justify paying money for something that I can make and that will make someone feel a lot better just because they knew I took the extra time and care. Using washi tape, here’s a simple […]

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Mason jar DIY garland

Do you want an easy way to add a fun touch to your holiday or party decor? This DIY garland featuring mason jars and washi tape is so cute!

One of the best traditions this time of year is creating our own ornaments for the tree. I remember growing up and my mother would plaster handmade goodies from us kiddos all over from top to bottom. It got me thinking “Why do kids have all the fun when making their own ornaments?” Not anymore, […]

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Wrapping gifts the easy way

Not sure what to do with a awkward sized gift? Find a box that fits it, then add a little washi tape to dress it up!

Wrapping gifts is part of the Christmas fun – yet sometimes they are a little bigger or more awkwardly shaped than planned. But with a plain box and lovely washi tape, you can fit your item AND create a plaid pattern that will enhance any gift giving experience. Start with a nice clean box. Take […]

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Monogram DIY tree topper

Don't spend a ton of money to decorate your tree - you can make this custom DIY tree topper using your favorite colors of washi tape!

First off, I apologize for the weird lighting in the above picture. It really doesn’t do this project justice! Creating your own monogram DIY tree topper is not only easy but it really adds a classy modern touch. If you’re looking for a cute project for the holidays, this is it! You’ll need: Cardboard Pencil […]

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How to make confetti with washi tape

Learn how to make confetti with washi tape - you won't believe how easy it is!

It is almost a new year. Can you believe it already? One of the best things is celebrating with friends and family around this time of year. What better way to do that than with confetti? Learn below how to make confetti with washi tape! Here’s what you’ll need: Washi Tape Cardstock paper Scissors Cut […]

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