Cute mason jar labels

Cute washi tape mason jar labels

For a while now, I wanted to move all of our coffee into cute mason jars. My husband built an amazing hanging pallet shelf for the wall and a corner shelf for our coffee/tea bar in the kitchen. So I wanted adorable jars to organize the coffee instead … [Continue reading...]

“Not so scary” $500 cash giveaway for Halloween!

Not So Scary Halloween Giveaway (2)

If you’re new to the site, follow us on Facebook right here. Thanks for visiting!Are you ready for the holiday season? I definitely am! Halloween mostly – it’s my favorite holiday of all time. I have a blast decorating . . .and then when Christmas comes, I love picking gifts! The only bummer is coming […]

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A fun (and cheap) way to store washi tape

A fun (and cheap) way to store washi tape - make it with a driftwood branch!

One of our favorite vacation spots is Rockport, MA. Beautiful salty air, amazing ocean views, fresh seafood and the cutest shops. This past summer I gathered a bunch of driftwood to incorporate in our home. A little paradise amongst the clutter. Recently I needed something to hold my washi tape collection. Here’s how you can […]

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Fabulous fall giveaway – two $300 cash prizes!

Giveaway-Graphic copy

Fall is technically here, though I haven’t quite felt it in Atlanta yet! Once fall comes it makes me realize how close the holidays are . . . and how that means present buying is soon. You’re going to need some extra cash for that, right? Of course you are! I’m coming together with several […]

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Decorative washi tape wall arrows

Decorative washi tape wall arrows

If you are ever having a bad day, sit down and make some washi tape arrows. You will be super happy the rest of the day. It only takes a few materials and a few minutes to whip up these adorable little things. Then come back and leave a comment about the joy that filled […]

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Scrappy DIY votive holder

Make a scrappy votive holder with small pieces of washi tape!

Working with washi tape is so much fun. The more projects I do, the more I love playing with tape. Unfortunately, there are a lot of extra scraps leftover. Little delicious looking pieces of washi just waiting to be used but alas . . . small pieces are hard to incorporate into a project. Until now. […]

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Simple washi tape gift wrap

Gift Wrap Ideas_18

When buying gifts, whether for the holidays or a special occasion, it can get expensive. More and more I’ve been looking for resourceful yet crafty solutions to gift wrap presents. One amazing way is using brown kraft paper and lovely washi tape. I’ll show you how to make washi tape gift wrap on the quick […]

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