Washi tape a table top

DIY washi tape table top

I have a tabletop that is looking a little ragged these days. I may have used it to craft - and for some other things that it shouldn't necessarily have been used for. And yes, I may have even dinged the top a little bit. If you are in the same boat … [Continue reading...]

When bad mail goes good

How to make washi tape envelopes

If you’re new to the site, follow us on Facebook right here. Thanks for visiting!So I got one of those fancy apps that is supposed to make it so you get less junk mail – but instead, the influx was worse than ever! I’m not sure what to do at this point, but in the […]

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How to make a fun floral garland

How to make a fun floral washi tape garland

Good morning! This is Sarah again, from Bombshell Bling, and I am so excited today to give you a sneak peek into my daughter’s nursery with this Washi Tape Flower Garland tutorial. I am putting the finishing touches on her nursery this week, which has been a VERY stretched out project, and I will be […]

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Colorful DIY door hangers

Colorful DIY door hangers

Door signs are really a thing of the past, but there’s no reason why you can’t create DIY door hangers with washi tape and make them COOL again! I did my two door signs two different ways. For the pink sign, I only taped the front, then turned it over and used a razor blade to […]

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Washi tape DIY page dividers

Create these washi tape page dividers to add a little pizzazz to your school supplies!

 Hi everyone! It’s Sarah from Becoming Martha, and I am so excited to be back again to be sharing my fourth post with you! I know everyone is in back to school mode, and the same is true here. We actually have 3-4 weeks left of summer in my neck of the woods, depending on […]

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Washi tape charm necklaces

Washi Tape Charm Necklace from ItHappensinaBlink.com

There are very few things to which I haven’t applied washi tape. Except maybe the dog. I haven’t washi-ed her yet. I’ve put washi tape on a bicycle helmet. I’ve wrapped a diaper pail in nursery-matching washi tape colors. Now, I’m creating washi tape jewelry! Today’s Washi Tape Charm Necklace isn’t made to last forever, […]

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15 unique washi tape wall art projects

15 washi tape wall art projects - check out this great collection of ideas!

I know I’m not the only one that loves washi tape wall art. Some of your favorite posts on this blog when I look at what everyone is reading are the wall art projects! So that tells me that you want more . . . much more. You’re in luck because I’m a fan of wall […]

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