DIY washi tape storage bin

DIY washi tape storage bin

One thing I can never have enough of around here is storage. Large items, small items and everything in between. I’m all about using old containers for new storage as well . . . and I love how it was made with an empty Chimes Ginger Chews tin. The tin was also made with a special ingredient that I love – you have to guess. But it’s two words and starts with “M” and “P.” Yeah! Visit the link below to learn how Rebecca made them.

DIY washi tape stash tin at Soap Deli News
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  • Zoe

    Now this is really cool, I am going to try this on a couple of tins I have from buying Sucrets lozenges. Great idea!

  • monsterscircus

    Wow looove washi tape and who can get enough ideas for it – Very cute idea, and already love this blog, thank you for sharing and have a happy day, Mette

  • Heidi

    I love the use of ribbon with the washi tape! It gives it just a little three dimensionality. perfect!