Make an easy puzzle

Make a washi tape puzzleI will NEVER forget the puzzle my mom made for us when we were little. It was a picture of a goat. I must have put it together and taken it apart about 1,000 times. But what I’m wondering now is why my mom chose a picture of a goat. I’m going to have to ask her about that one. Oh, and it was a particularly hairy mountain goat. Hmmm.

What I like about these puzzles by Crystal (besides the fact that there are no goats) is that they are made with washi tape. A lot of puzzles use photos, but this saves you the time and trouble of printing up photos – you can just go straight for a pretty pattern. It’s an awesome summer craft for kids, too. Learn how to make them at the link below.

Washi tape puzzles at A Pumpkin and a Princess

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