Easy painted washi tape ornaments

Easy painted washi tape ornamentsSo I was shopping at Michaels the other day and found some square plastic ornaments. I thought, “wow, these are super cool. I need square ornaments!” Well of course I didn’t NEED square ornaments, but they went into the basket anyway, as those types of impulse purchases tend to do. The good thing with this particular purchase is that I actually went forward and made the project, as opposed to just stashing these in a drawer (as these things tend to do). It’s such a quick and easy way to make ornaments that I had to share! Here’s how I made these fun washi tape ornaments.

Gather These Supplies

  • Plastic square ornaments – you can also use glass
  • Acrylic paint – colors of your choice
  • Washi tape – holiday patterns, some wider and some thinner sizes
  • Scissors
  • Baker’s twine

IMG_2832Here are all of my supplies. You probably have a lot of this in your stash. If you don’t, buy it immediately. Ha! I mean, aren’t these plastic ornaments cool? They won’t break if you drop them!

IMG_2833Place some acrylic paint in the ornament with a few drops of water. Place a paper towel over the hole and shaka-shaka. Keep shaking until all areas inside of the ornament are covered (add more paint/water as needed). Repeat with all ornaments.

IMG_2834Turn the ornaments upside down and let the excess drip out. If you see any spaces where the paint has come off of the inside, repeat the paint and shaking process. It will take about a day to dry, but just set them aside in a warm area.

IMG_2880Replace the top of the ornament and put the large washi tape around the center. It sticks securely without anything additional

IMG_2881Place a second, thinner tape over the wider tape. Cut and smooth. Tie the top of the ornament with baker’s twine.

Easy painted washi tape ornamentsThink about how many you can make in a few minutes! There’s drying time, but you can go cook dinner or on vacation, come back and they are ready to go. Happy Holidays!


  • Hildy Berner Schwarz

    This is such a cute idea and easy. Perfect for me to try. Just wondering, where can I find Washi tape. Do the big box craft stores carry it?

    • http://washitapecrafts.com/ Amy Anderson

      Hi Hildy! Yep, you can get washi at Michaels, Jo-Ann and even the dollar stores. Some don’t call it washi though . . . I’d look near scrapbooking :D

  • Erin Dolan

    I love these, but could not find the ornaments at Michaels (most of the Christmas stuff is gone). I did find an online site that sells glass ones but in two sizes. Which is closer to the size you made, 2 3/8in or 1 3/4in?

    • http://washitapecrafts.com/ Amy Anderson

      Hi Erin! 1 3/4in is closer to the size I made. But it might be fun to do a variety!