Every candle needs a bunting

Every candle needs a washi tape buntingDo you have plain white candles around (well, any color really) that you aren’t planning on burning? I mean those candles that you use for decorations – we all have them. You don’t want to burn up those lovely white candles . . . but then again, they are pretty boring. Here’s the perfect solution for you – create a mini bunting to decorate them using washi tape! It doesn’t even have to be permanent; that is the great thing about washi tape. You could do this for a holiday or party and then remove it right afterward. Washi tape comes right off. Find out more at the link below. Isn’t it cute?

Washi tape candle bunting at wohnwasabi


  1. Hi Katharine! It would probably just melt the washi tape, but yes, I wouldn’t burn near the washi.

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