Make a pick up sticks game

Make a pick up sticks gameI have to say, I had no idea how to play the game pick up sticks before I saw this project. It’s not played how I originally thought, when I finally looked it up. I thought you used sticks to pick something up . . . um, no. You actually pick sticks out of a large pile, your goal being to do it without disturbing the other sticks. You play with other people, and the person who holds the most sticks at the end wins. It actually sounds fun! So get those kids off of the video games and playing pick up sticks like the pioneers used to do. Except let’s take it one step further and use washi tape to decorate them. Find out how to do it at the link below.

Washi tape pick up sticks at Scissors Paper Stone

  • Bellenza

    This is awesome. Thank you!